• AZS

    Planned Tropes

    September 9, 2019 by AZS

    ‏any user can work for this:



    ‏Child Prodigy

    ‏Dark Lord

    ‏True Hero

    ‏Rebellion a.k.a The Rebellious



    ‏Devilishness a.k.a The Devil

    ‏Tyranny a.k.a The Tyrant

    Wickedness a.k.a The Wicked

    Temptation a.k.a The Tempter

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  • AZS

    Planned Powers

    August 13, 2019 by AZS

    Anyone can work for it:

    Elemental Manipulation

    • Race Elemental Manipulation

    Energy Manipulation

    • Race Energy Manipulation
    • Mana Manipulation
    • Chi Manipulation
    • Aura Manipulation

    Omni-Element Manipulation (all element based powers)

    Ultimate Element Manipulation (All types for one element)




    • Zoolingualism

    People Manipulation (to manipulate others)



    • Empathy
    • Telepathy


    Mind Reading

    Body and Mind Condition (Very Low, Low, Medium, High, Very High, Supernatural, Absolute)


    • Race Magic (Magic for specific races)
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  • AZS

    Planned Almighty Powers

    August 13, 2019 by AZS

    Anyone Can Work for it

    Omnipotence (All Power)

    • Metapotence (Simplified version of omnipotence, based to Logic Manipulation)
    • Nigh Omnipotence
    • True Omnipotence (Omnipotence with Nigh Omniscience and Nigh Omnipresence)
    • Ultipotence (Omnipotence without knowledge powers)

    Omnipresence (All Presence)

    • Nigh Omnipresence


    • Nigh Omniscience

    Omnivastance (Omnipotence with Omniscience and Omnipresence)

    • Nigh Omnivastance
    • True Omnivastance (True Omnipotence with True Omniscience and True Omnipresence)

    Omnilock (be out everything, opposite to and sub-power of Omnipresence)

    Omninescience (All Ignorance)

    • Nigh Omninescience

    Tetrapotence (Philosophy, Science, Magic and Religion)

    Triopotence (Divine, Lordship and Transcendent)

    • Almighty Transcendence (All Transcendent …
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  • AZS

    Planned Races

    July 6, 2019 by AZS

    only umbrella and variations for now:

    anyone can work for it


      • Archangel
        • Fallen Archangel
      • Angel Lord
        • Fallen Angel Lord
        • Sex Angel Lord
      • Divine-Angelic (Angel use both divine and holy powers)
        • Angel/God Hybrid
      • Fallen Angel
        • Fallen Transcendent Angel
      • Sex Angel
        • Transcendent Sex-Angel
      • Nephilim (Hybrid of angel or any holy beings with any other race)
        • Nephilim Lord
        • Transcendent Nephilim
      • Ophanim
      • Personal Angel
      • Seraphim


      • Archdemon
        • Ascended Archdemon
      • Cambion (Hybrid of devil or any demonic beings with any other race)
        • Cambion Lord
        • Ttanscendent Cambion
      • Divine-Demonic
        • God/Demon Hybrid
      • Oni
      • Personal Demon
      • Sex Demon (Succubi, Incubi and Bicubi)
      • Transcendent Sex Demon

    Deity (either divine or demonic)

      • Deity Lord
      • Demigod
        • Demigod Lord
        • Transcendent Demigod
      • Mother Goddess
      • Sky Father
      • Transcende…
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